Ocean and fisheries

80 % of the ocean is unexplored

Terra y Mare Incognita

Between industrial fishing and artisanal fishing: a bottomless abyss, a mare incognita where the same fish live and near which live populations remain in subsistence fishing in the South or in the form of chain employment which is tending to disappear in the North.

Small-scale-vs-large-scale-fisheries SOURCE Jacquet, J. and Pauly, D. (2008),
Funding Priorities Big Barriers to Small-Scale Fisheries. Conservation Biology

The significant difference in results, and the multiplier factor between industrial fisheries and artisanal fisheries in poor countries is an element to consider.
The conclusions of this small table show huge disproportions at all levels: from the amount of financial aid received by the different forms of fishing, to the obvious economic advantage of the most industrial who receive around €50,000 in aid per year per fisherman employed against €5,000 per person per year for the poorest, among other analyses…a picture is worth a thousand words!

source https://www.aprapam.org/publication/documentation/directives-volontaires-pour-garantir-des-peches-artisanales-durables photo APRAPAM Madagascar