Myth of Jonas the prophet

Measuring Milou January 2022

In the belly of the whale

Myth of Jonas the prophet
The myth of Jonas the prophet… time of transformation

Laser and precision in the Milou, we have to make the new form plan to design the future ship. Every stability changed after the deconstruction, the weight, the high are different, and we need to make the new stability booklet…

We have to give a reference to Jérôme Delaunay, the french architect in Bretagne. So laser line, absolute horizontal and taking measures each 50 cm in high and large will giv us the couple plan of forms.

Calculation of the water line as the absolute horizontal reference
Laser line to find the Line Water
In the whale !
Cretus Mtonga engineering work
Sirga Drouet in the cold belly of the whale January 2022