Immersion in Ocean knowledge with masters

Admire the secret of the oceans

Small canyon underwater carved by the swell Huahine island, Pacific ocean, French Polynesia

The Institute for Policy Research based in the University of Bath (United Kingdom) offers us a tremendous journey trough “Our oceans: A deep dive “.

Ocean Knowledge

It is a chance to follow this seminar offered online now in a serie of events.

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These leading seminars provide a better understanding of the issues, realities and prospects of the ocean – this territory which covers 71% of our planet “Earth”.

Shouldn’t we rather call our extraordinary planet Oceans?

Brilliant professors often in the field offers us different scientific approaches: sociology, history, economics, technology, geostrategy…

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With this academic knowledge, we can better approach the possibilities to come, with creativity and wisdom, and open the doors to other research centers around the world.

The University of Bath is distinguished by multi-disciplinary research, the richness of its popularization actions, and themes of interconnections in sensitives thematics.

Thus, the theme Ocean: a deep dive, is illustrated by a series of online seminars, but also in podcasts.

Here for example : “World Oceans, and contemporary challenges: an historical Perspective”, Mrs. Fusaro, Profesor of History at the University of Exter took us to the historical geopolitical visions of the oceans. She reminds us of facts from the past that shed light on our present, to allow us to imagine new futures.

Profesor Pierre Failler, economist, made a brilliant presentation on the Blue Economy on April 21, that you can see here.

The next one will be May 16 on Geostrategy of the Ocean by John Hannigan Professor of Sociology at the University of Toronto, Scarborough.

Short pun? With or without the capital letter, in any case, it’s excellent and capital to go in the Ocean with them. Thank you for the invitation to deepen our common aquatic universe.