Kinnaird : the story of a boat, a sailor and a carpenter

Kinnaird leaving Fraserburgh harbour

The history of Kinnaird merges with that of Georges Drouet.

Georges Drouet has always revolved around the idea of having a boat. Yet he began with nuclear physics at the university. But the attraction for the ocean has always been there.

In his early youth, in front of the horizon, he dreamed of crossing the Pacific from the west coast of the USA to Tahiti. Having become a father, he learned marine carpentry in Auray, in Bretagne, learned the trade on workbenches in the traditional way.
After much research, he finally decided to realize his dream by his own, in 2013.

The beginning of the new life for Kinnaird

Georges is buying the ship Kinnaird from George West from Fraserburgh, Scotland.
George, the Scottish, is supporting Sail for Ethics facilitating the acquisition of his ship by Prospektika International SRL in 12 monthly installments.

That’s how the story begins.

The idea of Sail For Ethics

In the meantime the idea has germinated, Georges wants to share his passion for well-made, manufactured things and the Ocean, but not only, he cares about people.
His communication work has brought him into contact with many emerging and poor countries across the world.

Sail For Ethics is born, the Kinnaird will be the flagship of his vision of an economy and a healthy world made of oceans.

He is a visionary, it is only in 2020 that International Institutions (UNESCO, UN, EC) will finally grant the ocean the essential place it has for life on our planet.

Transforming Kinnaird

Talking to the sky

The whole transformation process will be recorded, made to be reproduced with the simplest means: those on board, as we say in French.

The vision

“The means at hand”, still with the top scientific, technical and administrative expertise.

Kinnaird is in Fraserburgh, on the East cost of Scotland with all the required installation for reviewing the hull and maintenance services

It is moving forward!

There is no going back, this is where we meet the experts:

Jérôme Delaunay , architect who is producing the 3D plans of the hull

Marcel Stagnol, architect, designing the adaptation of Kinnaird and calculating the resulting displacement and stability

George West, CEO of Kinnaird Marine, facilitates the acquisition of the ship Kinnaird

Pablo Cortes who created and maintains this website

A team that still growing in creativity and practical results.

The story goes on, thanks to the people who believe in a sustainable and resilient future.